• Let your brand be herself

    All the other brands are already taken!

  • Today is a brand new day

  • We create brands that capture the eye, the mind and the heart


    You must know
    your audience

    Give them a story to talk about

    Be so good, they can’t ignore you


    A successful
    brand is timeless

    We help you introduce
    yourself to eternity.

SPICE UP YOUR BRAND! TM | Ottawa’s branding, advertising & graphic design boutique.


How do people see you? Is your business a little bland? Cayenne can help transform your image into an effective marketing tool.


Think that print is dead? Definitely not – but how you use it matters. Cayenne can give you successful strategies to grow your business.


Want a better digital presence? Cayenne excels at creative websites with superb SEO to get you noticed by the right people.

Display & Promo

Need your brand to sparkle indoors, outdoors or on the road? Cayenne has solutions for any of your needs.

Spice up your brand! TM Donnez du piquant à votre marque! TM

we'll do what it takes to get you noticed | Nous ferons ce qu'il faut pour vous faire remarquer