Having the right ingredients is always a recipe for success!

Our team includes designers, illustrators, photographers, programmers, production artists, writers and translators. Meet some of our team.

Carl Poirier

Creative Director / Owner, R.G.D.

Carl is the owner and creative mastermind of Cayenne. His enthusiasm for graphic design leadership is contagious and provides you with unparalleled vision. Through his marketing and advertising experience, along with his expertise in the field, Carl delivers successful business solutions.

Robert Paiement

General Manager & CBO

A well-seasoned business manager, Robert is responsible to ensure that Cayenne Creative performs at the highest level and manages all aspects of the business. Robert works along with Carl and the Cayenne Creative team to meet their customer’s goals and objectives.

Karine Létang

Graphic Designer, Provisional R.G.D.

karineOur digital artist Karine is in a relationship with web design, but is secretly in love with illustration. She works in the technical languages of CSS and HTML, but also creates beauty from vectors and pixels. Karine’s amazing solution-based focus means that your project is in safe and skilled hands, from concept to launch.

Farah Halloum

Graphic Designer, Provisional R.G.D.

farahFarah’s passion for design is much more than sitting in front of a computer and making things look beautiful, she is a creative thinker and brings meaning and understanding to every project she touches. She has an innate ability to convey powerful messages through her designs. Farah breathes, eat & live design. Farah means joy.

Pat Lafleur

Senior Graphic Designer

Layout and typorgraphy are Patrick’s passions. Arranging images with text in creative and unexpected ways, and telling a brands story is what he loves to do. Unleash this fiery ginger’s creativity onto your next project and reap the rewards of a well seasoned professional that will take your brand to the next level.



manonManon is our executive assistant, Carl’s right arm and a scheduling fiend. Her secret training in genetics may someday come in handy, but until then, she focuses on getting into the client’s head to make sure we get it right the first time.

Cheryl Goss

Marketing & Communications Strategist

cherylCheryl sizzles with positive and passionate flavor. Her secret sauce lies in her ability to see the whole picture. Her focus wraps around the feeling that your ideas, logo, words, visuals and brand can become tangible experiences. Cheryl will work closely with you through the research to the implementation of the campaign, no matter how big or small, simple or complex.

The support team

We have a team of wonderful and talented young designers on staff to help us produce our amazing projects. If and when needed, we seek other professionals to make sure the projects are in great hands. We pride ourselves on producing from start to finish (creative services, photography, illustration, writing, translation, graphic production, website development and even social media services) an impressive amount of projects completely in-house. But we know how to get the help when needed.

Why an R.G.D.?

Registered Graphic Designers have been tested and proven to be professionally competent in areas of business, design principles, research, theory and ethics. They are equipped and capable of functioning as strategic, responsible and ethical professional design practitioners. The R.G.D and Registered Graphic Design designations are symbols of quality and competence to the profession, the public and the government.

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