Domaine Perrault

Project Description

Creative services and graphic production of a series of wine labels for Ottawa’s only vineyard.

Client’s Goals

Having a vineyard in Ottawa is already a challenge. Domaine Perrault is a small family owned and operated business that sells their wine at the Vineyard in Cumberland and at a few selected high-end restaurants only. Unfortunately because the wine is not available at the LCBO the challenge is to produce and bottle enough wine to supply the patrons of the vineyard and the local restaurants who carry the Domaine Perrault Wines. This is where our creative services were needed. Upon demand, Cayenne created and continues to create unique labels that showcase the different wines and enables each bottle on the shelf to shine.


The success is measurable by only two words = Sold Out. Domaine Perrault’s success is impressive. By the time we get the printed labels from the printer they already have a waiting list for each wine. It’s a great problem to have. But we can never produce and print them fast enough.

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