Marianne’s Boutique

Project Description

The mandate of Marianne’s new brand was to clearly give the boutique a new fresh and spicy look. We were introduced to the new owner by the people of the BDC. The brand includes the logo, store visuals and directional signage, marketing plan and ad creative, product tags, displays…etc.

Client’s Goals

Marianne’s goals were to keep veteran clients while attracting a new generation of women to the boutique. The goal was to educate the need to be well taken care of when it comes to bras. The boutique wasn’t attracting many new clients and wasn’t known as the ‘go to’ place for the proper bra fittings. Marianne’s is now Ottawa’s largest lingerie boutique and no longer a best kept secret.


Instant success! Right away, customers embraced the new brand and a new generation of women came to experience the new boutique. The established clientele was also pleased about the new look-and-feel, taking advantage of the same great service with a fresh twist of simplicity and spice. The brand also garnered huge support from Marianne’s suppliers and we have since implemented a city-wide marketing campaign to promote the boutique’s products across multiple mediums.

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