Project Description

This long time client has requests every two years to create a fresh new marketing campaign. We’ have always been extremely successful at this process and the client’s demands have always been high. This time around we went with a “minimalist” approach. These purist ads showcase only what the audience needs to know, enticing the client to discover the rest either on-line or to visit one of the showrooms. The goal is to showcase the art of the beautiful high-end products with a strong creative approach. The ads are part of a multi piece extensive campaign that we have built for the client.

Client’s Goals

Showcase the products available in a creative and elegant way. This multiple piece campaign has a simple goal of brand awareness and to create a sense of curiosity towards the products Mondeau has to offer. We believe the serious buyer will want to know more.


Providing creative services to Mondeau for over 14 years. Sales continue to increase in these difficult economic times. A new flagship showroom 10 times the size of the current one has just been built (Algoma road) and is now open. We must be doing something right!

The website was launched in March 2013 with an overwhelming response. We also worked with the new 10,000 square feet showroom visuals. Enhancing the brand to the maximum.

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