Montfort – Hygiène des mains


Project Description

This project was part of a massive hospital-wide campaign to educate all staff, patients and visitors about the benefits of hand hygiene. Cayenne Creative created a brand that no-one can ignore. The advertising poster with multiple multicultural hands created an effect that is eye catching and fun. The illustrated faces on the hands added a personalized approach. The slogan “Hand hygiene… it’s in my hands” is bold and to the point. The visuals for this campaign were used everywhere in the Montfort hospital – from elevators to staircases.

Client’s Goals

In 2011, in accordance with Ontario law on the excellence of health care for all, the Montfort Hospital adopted a plan to increase awareness and the importance surrounding hand hygiene in their goal to reduce the transmission of infections. Our clients wanted to create a campaign that would be inclusive and participative. Together we can make the difference and reduce infections within the hospital. The ultimate goal is to increase “hand hygiene” thereby reducing the amount of infections = reduce the hospitalization time and reduce overall health costs.


The hospital calculated a significant increase of 23% in “hand hygiene” since the start of the campaign.

In February 2012, the campaign reached a new high in the area of Hand Hygiene: 79.3% . The ultimate goal is to surpass 80% in the upcoming months.

The direct impact is the large reduction of infections in the hospital by 50%. Hence saving lives and saving money.

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