We’ll consult your current brand, walk you through our brand questionnaire, and work with you to find the theme that best describes you and what you stand for.
The next step is working on your name. We’ll brainstorm a unique name that speaks to your target audience.
This is an important part of your name. Your descriptor lets your audience know what you’re all about.
Once we have the first three steps nailed down, we will develop your visual identity.
Now that you have a name and a logo, we’ll work with you to develop your mission and vision statements. You will also receive your logo sheet and brand elements.
We’ll design your brand strategy, personality, and create some concept development to demonstrate how the elements can be used.
At this stage, we’ll be creating your poster, website, teaser, etc. You fill in the blank.
Cayenne works hard to make sure that across all platforms, your brand and message stay consistent and true to your values.
Here comes the big advertising kick. Now that we’ve developed your visual identity and tone, we work hard to push that out there into the world to see success in action.

What’s in a brand?

A brand starts at its roots.
Planting these seeds early help define a brand.

Providing creative solutions for complex challenges.


Branding is every touchpoint someone has with your organization. Your brand identity is not just a logo or a name even though these are the most visible of its components. The visual identity is part of what makes a business unique and expresses its approach, values and culture. A well-developed identity is an investment in your organization’s future.

Print design, advertising & marketing, photography & illustration, web design, multimedia, creative writing, promotional items, display media, and print are some of the major categories of our branding services. The number and level of touchpoints involved in creating a brand will depend on what you need. There is a spectrum, and we do it all. We help you figure out what you need depending on your goals.


Advertising requires careful thought. You have a message and now you need it to be heard. We will start by understanding what you want to say and who you want to say it to. Whether you’re looking for an updated website, a conference brochure, business cards, a new logo or a full advertising package, we have experienced brand specialists to help you get your message out to the people that need to hear it.

Web & Mobile

Creating a website is an exciting experience! Whether you need a page update, a website refresh, a brand new website or digital app, we can help you. Our web design and development process involves optimizing the user experience with page layout, navigation, scrolling & paging, headings, titles & labels, links, text appearance, graphics, image, multimedia and writing web content best practices.


Print is not dead! Business cards & stationery, photography, vehicle wraps, start-up business design bundles, brochures, books, publications, annual reports, event posters, direct mail, and newsletters are some of the common print pieces we produce. Tell us what you need, and we will invite you to a free consultation to better understand your needs. We will strategize what the communication tools you need to get your message across to the right audience, at the right time.

Display & Wraps

Complete tradeshow booth setups, event roll-ups, fabric walls, vehicle wraps, indoor/outdoor signage, in-store promotions and materials, outdoor advertising are all part of a display strategy. We love big canvases and have an endless amount of creative ideas to get you SEEN – break through the clutter with clever displays and attract the attention you need.

Digital & Social

We can help you strategize and execute your online presence. Some of our core digital and social services include email signatures, social media interfaces & campaigns (profles, custom posts & banners), complete digital campaigns, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, custom email marketing templates.

The way people perceive you, is the way they will feel about you or your company. What kind of message are you putting out there?

It all starts by asking
the right questions.

  • Start with a conversation.

    We work closely with you to better understand your budget, timeline and needs. We research, brainstorm and craft a solutions-based strategy that will maximize your return on investment.

  • We’ll get spicy.

    As professional graphic designers, we bring ideas to life, telling your story. This is everyone’s favourite part of the process, where all our ideas come to life!

  • Success in action.

    The purpose of what we do! We design with results in mind and advertising agency, we pride ourselves in cultivating strong relationships throughout our process. We won’t take on a supplier role – we prefer to take the time to get to know you, evaluate your needs and help you move from where you are now to where you want to be.