Before you choose to work with us, please read our terms and conditions thoroughly.


All production and design quotes are based on first having final content provided by the Client (please refer to Materials Provided by the Client) prior to starting work. The costs and expenses cited in this proposal are our best estimates given the information provided. They include meetings, consultation time, design, programming, production time, and two (2) revisions. If additional information is forthcoming, project specifications, scheduling changes, cost and expense estimates will be subject to change. The effect of major changes, additional services and delays cannot be determined until a final design direction has been established. If requirements arise causing additional work or scheduling changes not reflected in this document, we will provide an updated estimate upon approval of the final design direction.

Cost and expense estimates are valid for 30 days from the date of this proposal. The Client shall reimburse Cayenne Creative for all expenditures incurred by Cayenne Creative with respect to this project. Disbursement and out-of-pocket expenses are billed at cost plus a percentage surcharge of 20% for account handling and supervision. Cayenne Creative cannot be held responsible for any third party cost changes.


Unless otherwise arranged in advance, a retainer fee of one 40% of this estimate is required upon initiation of the project. Second payment is 45% upon client approval of the artwork. Lastly, the final payment of 15% will be invoiced upon completion of the project. HST will be added to all amount if the artwork, services and products are delivered in Canada. Payment is due upon reception of invoice.


All written copy, photographs, artwork and other source materials submitted by the Client shall be final, legal, of professional quality and suitable for production without further preparation or alteration. An additional charge may be made when materials are submitted by the Client in such a form which prevents them from being readily used.


Once the Client has approved the design concept, and artwork has been produced, the Client is allotted maximum of two (2) rounds of revisions. Revisions are defined as any modifications to the existing design concept. Should a completely new design concept be required, then the revision will be considered a rework, and additional fees may be incurred. Any additional revisions will incur additional fees.


Any modifications or alterations required to an already-finalized design or text shall only be completed by Cayenne Creative and shall be paid at a rate agreed to by both parties in advance. In the event that reprints are required, there will be no additional modifications or alterations made to the original document, unless required as stated above.


The Client shall proofread and approve all elements of final designs. Approval must be provided before production can continue. In order to meet project deadlines, we require Client approval within two (2) business days of receiving the final design. If the Client takes longer than two (2) business days to provide an approval, the project will be put on hold until approval is received. Please note, this may impact the project completion date. If the Client provides additional feedback that will impact the project completion date and/or scope of work, then the project will not be considered approved and additional fees may incur.


Work carried out and materials created for this project can not be used for any other purpose other than what was mentioned in the agreement. Under no circumstances may work in rough form be used or published by the Client as finished work or be used as a basis for completion by others, without prior written consent of Cayenne Creative.


Any project that requires completion in advance of the previously projected deadline, requires short notice changes, or will require more time to complete while maintaining the same projected deadlines will incur rush fees. These rush fees will constitute 25% of the original project fee. Rush fees will be charged on a case-by-case basis, and do not necessarily apply to same day service. Please note, a rushed order may also impact printing costs.


Should The Client elect to terminate this project, Cayenne Creative will invoice 75% of the total estimate figure, or for actual work performed, whichever is greater, plus expenses & HST. Should Cayenne Creative find it necessary to refer past due accounts to an attorney for collection, then the Client shall reimburse Cayenne Creative for all attorney’s fees and collection costs incurred. Any such fees incurred in the collection process will be added to the amount due, and the account shall not be considered paid in full until the entire debt has been settled.


If for any reason, you the Client delays or put on hold the project for more than 120 days from the date this document is signed to the completion in full of this project, we reserve the right to invoice you 75% of the projects value OR for the actual work completed, whichever is greater, plus expenses & HST. Re-activation fees of 20% of this agreement will apply to restart the project. We reserve the right to provide a new quote based of the revised scope of work & cost of goods are only valid for 30 days.


Cayenne Creative will make every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy and quality of what is produced, but is not responsible for errors and/or missions in any work produced as per the Client’s final “approved” design. Cayenne Creative is not responsible for the actions of the vendors and suppliers we use.


Source files and/or software documents, such as font licensing, remain exclusive intellectual property of Cayenne Creative, unless specifically assigned in writing. Cayenne Creative will readily transfer all copyrights and provide print and/or web-ready files upon completion of the project.